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 If you recommend a friend you will receive a 10% discount on your next cake, subject to the friend booking/paying a deposit on a cake ordered for delivery this year 2012.
 terms and conditions on request
Please see below for an example of our prices, but please bear in mind that prices below are a rough guide and may vary due to design of cake, amount of time and materials.
All cakes are sponge and made from fresh Ingredients and can be made with free range eggs by request.

DAIRY FREE sponge cake is also available at no extra cost.


vanilla vanilla (white) cake with a vanilla cream frosting and Raspberry seedless jam.

chocolate sponge cake has a hazelnut chocolate spread and chocolate cream frosting. £2 extra for the Belgian choc chips

strawberry can be a pink coloured strawberry flavoured sponge cake with Raspberry seedless jam and vanilla cream frosting, a big hit with little girls.

lemon lemon sponge cake with homemade lemon curd and vanilla cream frosting.

coffee sponge cake (with or without walnuts) with coffee cream frosting.
 Red velvet is a very light, red coloured,chocolate flavoured sponge cake with with vanilla cream frosting.

I make most of my frostings with a dairy free margarine i can make a buttercream on request.

Please note for Nut allergies, i cant fully ensure that my kitchen is free from nuts or products that have been produced in a factory where nuts may be found

prices are approx as price depends on detail

6"------------ round 8/ square 11=====£30
8”-----------round 18/square 24=====£40
10”---------round 28/square 35=====£55
12”---------round 45/ square 56=====£66
14"---------round 58/ square 68=====£77
8”base cake+6” top tier----- serves round 36/ square 46=====£88
10 base cake +6” top tier ------round 46/ square 56=====£100
 10" base cake +8" top tier-----round 56/ square 66====£120

Sponge cake is cut at 2 x 1 inches. Fruit cake is cut at 1 inch square. 

3D figure toppers £6 to £10 each when purchased with a cake.  £10 each if bought separately
 Small one serves approx around 16 (depends on the portions cut) and is £45
 the Large one serves approx 30(depends on the portions cut)  and is £75
Cupcakes (flavours as above) between £1.20-£2.50 each depending on design of toppers.
for a Wedding cake or Christening cake Quotes please email
Cutting cakes start at £50
Two tiers start at £100
Three tiers start at £150 
 Four tiers start at £270
Five tiers start at £390
If you would like your cake delivered we charge a small fee please ask when placing your order.
You are more than welcome to pick up from my place of work.
Skelmersdale, Lancashire
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